Efficient Energy Storage

Development and optimization of robust, reliable and economically competitive storage technologies, while maintaining the goal of sustainability and reduced environmental impact.

Development of efficient storage devices at different scales through comprehensive approaches to advance the level of knowledge and accelerate their development to bring them closer to the business sector.

Ongoing initiatives:

Coordinator Ricardo Santamaría, INCAR

  • Development of processes and fabrication of advanced materials for BFR elements. Participants: INCAR, ITQ, ICB, ICTP, ICMAB and ICMM. Responsible. Ricardo Santamaría, INCAR.
  • Manufacture of the autonomous module of the BFR 50 kW. Participants: LIFTEC, IRI, INCAR and ITQ. Principal Investigator: Félix M. Barreras Toledo, LIFTEC.
  • Demonstration of the technology in a solar field. Participants: LIFTEC, INCAR, ITQ and IRI. Principal Investigator: Félix M. Barreras Toledo, LIFTEC.