Renewable Generation

Generation of energy from renewable sources (biomass, solar thermal and photovoltaic, wind, etc.), in a more efficient, cleaner and safer way.

Development of new technologies and improvement of existing ones through an open innovation model that allows accelerating both its development and its transfer to the industrial sector.


Ongoing initiatives:

Coordinator Manuel López Granados, ICP.

The activities corresponding to three modules financed by REC EU CSIC funds have begun:

        • Lignocellulosic waste to synthesis gas transformation unit (Ramón Murillo, ICB).
        • Hydrogen and energy generation unit by alcohol reforming for Green Fuel processes (Antonio Chica, ITQ).
        • Unit for the transformation of oleaginous wastes to Green Fuel (J.M. Campos, ICP).

Other initiatives financed through the Complementary Plans of the Autonomous Regions included in this area are as follows:

    • Fractionation GVL-Organosolv
    • Valorization of hemicellulosic residue
    • Ethanol production
    • Jet-fuel alcohol
    • H2 production from bio-syngas (SER-H2)
    • Fischer-Tropsch syncrude production
    • Refining (“up-grading”) of syncrude
    • DME production from biosyngas